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Autumn is rapidly approaching and that means it’s time for change!

I’m all about living life to the full, but in my own way. I like to feel great about life and I do this by living in a way that makes me happy. I like looking good: I love to shop and I love clothes, style and beauty. I like to think: I like to challenge myself to learn new things, but I also love just reading a good book! I Like to feel good, inside and out: I adore cooking, and who doesn’t like a good spa treatment? And I like life: I like to get out, see friends, go to events, but when I want to, sometimes all I want is a bit on solitude and me time!

My mantra is ‘Go with your feelings’. If my immediate gut reaction is ‘yes!’ then I tend to go for it, but if I’m unsure or have to talk myself into doing something, then it’s probably not the right choice for me (unless of course it’s Uni work!) If I want to wear something or buy something, I probably will. If I want to read something or learn about something then I do my best to achieve it and if I want to go somewhere or do something then, you know what, I probably will!

As I said, Autumn is the time for change. This Autumn, I’m going to live up to my mantra. I’ll talk about beauty; my own regimes, my favourite products and my personal tips and ideas. Fashion: I’m not big on following the trends bang on, but I have my own style and I tend to stick with it. The mind: what I’m reading and what I’m studying. And finally, Life: What I’m doing, where I’m going, or just what thinking about life itself.

Look good, think good, feel good. That’s how I approach my life.

Well that, and…

Keep Calm and Drink Tea


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