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Beauty Bite: Everyday Make Up

I have to be up and about really early at the moment, and the last thing I want to do is spend hours doing my make up.

I want a quick, simple and natural look that will go with every outfit and works for the office.

Here’s my look:

Make Up 1It’s natural, simple and takes five minutes to do, but I find it really works for me. I have naturally quite small and ‘sad’ eyes, so I need to make them bigger and brighter, but not look like I have layers and layers of make up on.

I never use foundation, as I have quite a good skin tone and my skin is pretty good too (of course I get spots and blemishes…who doesn’t?) but in reality, I don’t need to use foundation, so why ruin my skin by using it when I don’t need to?touche

What I do use:

If I find myself with bags and dark circles under my eyes, there’s nothing like an old favourite: Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Éclat. A little dab under the eyes, gentle patting and sweeping to blend and then hello bright eyes!bb pencil

Do do the eyes, I line my upper eye-lid with Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Eye Pencil in Caviar.

Now, you can’t get this any more and I’m rapidly approaching the end of my last pencil, so I’m a bit peeved: I’ve been using this pencil for years and the smudger is really handy! I will have to go on a hunt for a new eyeliner at some point…

Anyway, this gives me some definition on my eyes and allows me to turn up the corners with a little ‘flick’.

Next, I bring out my god-send.

Dior’s 5 Couleurs Lift Eyeshadow Palette.

A base-lift to help the shadows stay on the eye and even the lid
2 shades of serum-eyeshadow, one dark brown and one a champagne colourA shimmering highlighter shadow in a pale, neutral tone
An eye and eye-brow pencil to help structure and define.

diorI love this palette and I’m almost out…I might try something new next time, but we’ll see!

I use the eye pencil with a small sponge to run over the pencil on my eyelid already; it adds to the definition and keeps it firm all day.

Then I use a larger pad with the champagne shadow and sweep it from the very inside corner of my eye accross the whole lid. It lifts the whole complexion and brightens the eyes.

Finally, I take another sponge and apply a very small amount of the dark brown shadow to the very outside of my eyelids, sweeping it in about a third of the way over my lid and blending it so it’s barely-there but gives the hint of a smokey look.


Next up: mascara. I have very long and thick eyelashes, so they tend to droop and no amount of curling seems to work on them, but sometimes a good mascara will do the trick.

I’m currently using Benfit’s Bad Girl Lash mascara, and I also use Lancome’s Hypnose regularly. The Benefit I find better for the day, as it isn’t as thick and it has a lighter texter on my eyelashes, keeping them thick and open all day.

A generous lick on the upper eyelashes and then I just touch it to my lower lashes; I don’t want to lengthen them, just define them, so I don’t brush it on, I just gently touch it to the lashes and it adds some definition to my lower eye, but isn’t as heavy as having eyeliner on the under eye as well.

Finally, I sweep on a little of Clinique’s Almost Bronzer, just a soft touch down the cheekbones to give some definition, but without being obvious.

That’s it. All done. Just a simple, neutral look, for every day and it goes with any outfit and hairstyle.

Understated is often best. For a natural everyday look, I find less is more. Using neutral colours and simple techniques you can create an effective and pure look. And when you’re pushed for time in the morning, the simpler the better!


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