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Monday Bite: Start Right!

Nobody likes Mondays, me least of all.alarm

The weekend’s over and it’s back to the drudgery of the week all over again! But I find that if I treat each Monday like a little new beginning, it gets me through the day and sets me up for the week.

I guess what I mean is, I try to start as I mean to go on. If I can do Monday right then I find that the rest of the week follows in the same way.


I get up on time – now I’m naturally a pretty early riser already, but still, 6am is pretty painful. I have to be at work at 8:30am and need to leave just over an hour for the commute (It normally takes less time, but London transport…) and I HATE HATE HATE to rush around in the morning; it stresses me out for the whole day – another even smaller beginning! – so I need to give myself an hour and a half to shower and get ready and eat breakfast etc.

So, up at 6am, into the shower and it’s cold here now, so getting back out isn’t fun either! Slap on a bit of makeup, do my hair, get dressed and get upstairs (my flat is upside down) for breakfast!

Which brings me to yet another ‘start right’ moment: Breakfast.

I know so many peoplebreak skip breakfast altogether, but you need to eat within an hour of getting up to kick start your metabolism and really get you going for the day. I never miss breakfast, and I always make sure it’s balanced, healthy and NOT RUSHED…nobody wants to start their day with indigestion…

So some toast with Jam – yummy! And some fruit with yoghurt and a sprinkling of cereal (or melon, strawberries, cocopops and yanilla yoghurt, which doesn’t sound or look as good as that picture..!) Nice BIG cup of coffee and I’m set for the day.

Brush my teeth, grab my things and I’m out the door. On a positive note.

It’s really all about starting well for me, if I start something I like to finish it and so I find that if I start something on a good note then I tend to end it on a good note as well. So if I start my day well, and in a positive way (there’s something to be said for sitting down with the radio on and enjoying your breakfast every day) then I tend to take that through with me to the evening. I’m productive, I get through my work and I’m in a happy and positive mood.

I think you should start every week – every day even – in the way you mean to go on. It’s a new beginning, it’s a fresh start and you know, if you start right, you end right.



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