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Life Bite: National Wedding Show Blues!!

Life Bite: National Wedding Show Blues!!

2013-09-30 17.43.56

So…I won some VIP tickets the The National Wedding Show courtesy of Bare Minerals and I took my friend, Emma, along last Sunday to see what it’s all about! It’s a bit lat I know, but then…are weddings and all that come with them a time sensitive subjects (aside from when planning your OWN wedding of course…)

National Wedding Show

My first reaction; My god, I had no idea how much was needed in arranging a wedding! I mean…dresses, shoes, cake, photos, favours, entertainment, food, drink, venue, honeymoon, invitations, stationary, suits, hair, make-up…the list just goes on and on and on and on and on and…you get the picture!

2013-09-30 08.58.18

We were presented with free glasses of bubbly and a lovely little goody bag and settled down to watch the catwalk show. There were some gorgeous dresses and some vulgar dresses! I’d never before even thought of it, but there were some absolutely stunning 1920’s art deco style dresses which I was in love with – I adore 1920’s-30’s fashion, and if I could pick another time to live in, it would be that era, under the right circumstances of course!

But it made me a think; Isn’t it unfair that we can’t just wear wedding dresses in everyday life? If anyone’s seen that episode of Friends when Monica, Rachel and Phoebe dress up in wedding dresses to do house work etc. Then they’ll get what I mean. Why shouldn’t we be allowed to casually just go and get a lovely wedding dress just to wear out in the evening? Why are we only allowed to wear it (ideally) once, for one day in our entire lives?

But anyway, enough bitterness…

I picked up some lovely bargains, and freebies from Bare Minerals, including a great deal on a face-eyes-lips favourites set and then a free lip gloss in a rather vivid berry shade. I don’t normally do lips so we’ll see how that goes. I’ll review the haul from TNWS later on this week when I’ve truly tested the merchandise!
2013-09-30 17.41.00
Around the stands, there were a whole bunch of bizarre ideas and some really fun ones: photo booths at the reception? Initially I thought it was a horrible idea, but after having played around in them, I think I’ve been converted!

Also, one company provides a service where they do interviews with guests, family members etc…take pictures and do a whole bunch of work to produce a full-on magazine of your wedding! Initial thoughts – oh no, how horrible! But then…another fantastic idea!

So basically what I’m saying is…I want to get married!

Or rather, engaged I think. I spent the day getting all this special treatment and being looked after and given free things and it was so nice! You totally get special treatment when people think you’re a bride to be! Maybe I should just spend the next few years pretending I’m engaged…

Or is that a little sad?
Me and Emma National Wedding Show.jpg
Your wedding is supposed to be ‘the most special day of your life’. All eyes are on you, everyone is celebrating you, you get to wear a gorgeous dress and it’s all about what you want. What I want to know is, why only one day in our entire lives? I think everyone should  get a ‘wedding day’ on a regular basis! Or a non-wedding day…I’m rambling…

…I need to find me a nice, handsome and preferably very, very wealthy man!!


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