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Life Bite: The Liebster Award!!

liebster-awardSo, I received a lovely surpise yesterday evening as I was cooking dinner (dressed in my lovely Hush pyjamas and looking rather terrifying with my Ren Face Mask on…) It seems Selina from The Kitten in Heels has nomintated me for the Liebster award! Okay, admittedly I didn’t really know much about what it was, but I saw the word award and that was good enough for me! It was completely unexpected, to be honest I’m fairly confident that very few people read my blog…which is fine, as I like writing for me, but I hadn’t dreampt that I’d be nominated for an award so thanks so much, Selena!

So basically, there seem to lots of different rules floating around about this award, so I’m just going with ther simplest and following the example set by my lovely sponsor! I’ll answer her 11 questions, and then create 11 new questions for the lovely ladies that I nominate, and the chain continues…

I think this award is a great idea: there are so many people starting up blogs or getting started in writing, which I think is brilliant because it’s such an accessible tool and vehicle for exploring your own imagination, writing skills and thoughts and opinions etc. It’s nice to see that people are keeping an eye on the little people!!

Alright, time to answer some questions!
1. Shopping or sleeping?
– Easiest question in the world. First of all, I don’t sleep much, I get by on 5-6 hours sleep a night pretty much always and I wake up at 6am every day…without fail…always…even when the clocks change!! So sleep was never going to win, but secondly…I adore shopping! Like, crazy…It doesn’t matter who or what I’m shopping for, I love it! Present and gift shopping for Xmas is almost narcotic for me…clothes shopping, for me or for others, furniture and interior design shopping I LOVE and even grocery shopping…I do love a trip around Waitrose!

2. Winter or summer?
Summer, summer, summer, summer…I LOVE SUMMER! I hate the cold. I cannot stand being cold, and I get cold easily, so when it’s really cold out, I’m like…nitrogen cold. There are plusses about winter though: I adore Xmas and put up with the cold for that…Xmas should be cold and wintery, it would be wrong otherwise, and Winter clothes are lovely, but the cold beats me down. I can cope with heat…I’ve dealt with 50c heat and I would hands down rather be too hot than too cold!

3. ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!! What do you do?
A lot of my mis-spent asolescence was ocupied in dealing with this question…no idea why. So there’s two answers to this question. Answer one: Immediately go underground, stockpile weapons and tinned food and blankets and clothing and medical supplies as well as as much fuel as I could muster. Work with a small team on reinforcing a truck or lorry in secret. Load the truck with supplies and then take to the streets. Swords not guns would be the more effective weapon of choice. Survival yeah!
But answer two is probably the real truth: Scream, panic and probably die withing 3 nanoseconds…

4. If you could go ANYWHERE in the world, where would you go and why?
Well the answer will change over time, but at the moment, New Zealand. I am desperate to go, the scenery, the culture, the entire entity of New Zealand…it calls to me! Oh, and the Lord of the Rings thing…but of course, once I go to New Zealand the answer here would change…There’s South America, Egypt, Japan, South of France (okay, I go to the South of France every year, but I love it so much I’ll always want to go back!)

5. Lightsaber or Batmobile?
Being as I’m totally not into either Star Wars or Batman, this is tough. I guess the Batmobile…nothing beats a kick-ass ride!

6. Preferred superpower?
Like witch-powers…conjouring I guess. The ability to make anything I want or don’t want appear or dissappear as I choose (objects and physical entities as well as ‘events’). Odd I know…

7. What’s your favorite book (or movie) of all time?
Okay, nerd alert, The Lord of the Rings. The Books, the Movies. Hands down everytime. In fact, no words can explain the relationship I have the The Lord of The Rings.

8. What are you most afraid of? (Spiders anyone?)
Well, I am not a fan of spiders, but I’m becoming more immune to them. I just kill them from afar now I’ve perfected the technique. This is actually tough to answer seriously. Peopbably the loss of a loved one. I’m pretty confident I would fall apart if I lost one of my parents…Heavy eh?

9. Someone offers you $100 MILLION in exchange for your identity… Would you do it?
Uh, yeah. Unless you mean in a literal sense. If all they want is my ‘official identity’ then they’re welcome to it, I’ve got records and fines and points on my licence…credit card bills and all that, if they want it they can have it! But I guess if you mean my ‘personality’ and ‘inner-being’ it would take more information…what would happen to me and my consciousness? How does this work etc. Am I thinking into this too much?!

10. What was the greatest moment with your best friend?
I could not say. I’ve had too many best friends and too many experiences…it’s very hard. Although, standing at the summit of a Himalayan mountain with one of my best friends (at the time, we haven’t spoken in months now) was pretty extraordinary. But then. I was fairly ill at the time so it wasn’t that ‘great’. I think when you can say you’re completely happy and content then that’s the greatest moment you could ask for. And I can happily say I’ve experienced that!

11. Do you like Nutella?
Why yes, I do like nutella. But I don’t eat it often. Nutella and peanut butter fudge brownies are a speciality of mine, but I only EVER make them when I go to visit my parent and brother. They are a heart attack in a baked good and about 5lbs in a bite!


And now, the two lovely ladies I’m nominating:

Anakiya at A Day in the Office and Annabel at Work That Style

My Questions:

1. Classic Style or roll with the trends?
2. Trip to the spa or DIY mani-pedi-facials?
3. Dog or cat person, and why?
4. White, Dark or milk chocolate? (And do not tell me you don’t like chocolate!)
5. Favourite event/holiday/celebration of the year?
6. Best James Bond? (We all KNOW Pierce Brosnan was the best…but who’s your favourite?)
7. Ultimate holiday destination and why?
8. If you could only eat, drink and wear one meal/beverage/outfit for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?
9. Favourite colour?
10. Red, White or Rose? Or does it have to be bubbly!?
11. Urban girl or Country at heart?


There we go, thanks again Selena for nominating me, and I look forward to seeing Anakiya and Annabell’s answers!



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  1. Number 3 made me laugh, I completely understand with number 8, and number 10 is actually pretty cool.. That’s one memory that will never leave you. 🙂
    And number 11… I want. I really REALLY want – words do not express how much I want one of those snacks!!!

  2. I’ve just done it now! Bit late.. x


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