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Beauty Bite: Autumn Nails

Big and Bold! I’ve said it before…that’s what I’m loving this Autumn. I’ve talked about the berry shades and the burgundies and the blues…you don’t need me to prattle on! But what I’m very into at the moment it nails…I tend to let them go natural or neutral in the summer, but now it’s time to break out the dramatic nails…and here are my favourite three at the moment!


Crabtree and Evelyn’s new nail lacquers are only £6 a bottle AND they’re offering free delivery at the moment, so I thought I would try a couple out. This is Pomegranate and my initial thoguht about it were not the best. I thought it was tricky to apply evenly and it appeared to have a very uneaven and mixed tone once dried. I was wrong. After a few hours, and a couple of top coats, it got better and better! I often find that nail polish looks better once its been on for about a day (it’s probably all in my head…) but it’s definitely true of this one!

I grew to love it over the days as I had it on, and it’s surprisingly reliliant. It lasted 5 days, completely chip free until i decided I wanted a change. The colour is great too. it’s got a touch of shimmer in it, but it also had a lovely blend of purples and reds that means it changes with the lgiht and the material it’s against. With a burgundy dress it looked almost exactly the same tone (yippee! Colour Coordination!) and with a pair of dark purple cords, it took on a much deeper violet shade. Overall, a great colour and a great polish!


The second Crabtree and Evelyn Lacquer is in Blueberry and I’m in love with this colour. It’s amazingly deep and kind of…mesmerizing…A little bit more daring and different too, but it’s bold, it’s bright and I adore it. It went on much smoother than I expected and with a second coat, the colour and finish was flawless and, as with the Pomegranate, it lasted a full five days with barely a mark on it (and the evening after I painted my nails, I decided to undertake some household DIY, consisting of removing a door from its hinges and reattatching it the other way around…so well done nails for surviving that!)


My third favourite at the moment is YSL’s La Lacque nail Lacquer in Black Tulip. The colour hasn’t come out particularly well in the photo, but it’s a much more vibrant purple than shown and it’s great. I had a bit of a faff getting it on, as I was also trying to get a lot of work done and kept smudging it with impatience, but to be fair to it, it went on smoothly, the second coat left a perfectly even tone and it dried pretty well. It’s been on for three days now and has held up well, and the colour is beautiful in life…dark enough to be sophisticated and elegant but stands out against a muted outfit wonderfully!

Go bold with the nails this Autumn and bring on the dark tones and deep shades. Bring a bold statement to any outfit with a deep coloured nail…and make the most of it before the gloves have to well and truly go on!!


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