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Beauty Bite: Autumn Eyes

When we come towards the Autumn and Winter months, I always like to start bringing bolder colours, styles and looks into the mix. For me, summer is a time of soft shades, simple looks and natural beauty, but it’s time to wave that goodbye, now that the cold has really hit us! Bring out the deep tones and dramatic looks.

So I’m going to talk about eyes. I’ve always loved the smokey eyes look, but it can be just too dramatic for the daytime, so I’ve played around and modified it a bit to come up with a couple of bold smokey eye looks for the season that are just played down enough for the daytime, but could be given a little extra oomph to take you into the evening.

I’m still working off my initial Autumn colour palette, and here I have a softer-brown based eye look, and a dazzling blue look!

IMG_0154All the kit you need: Clinique BB Cream, Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara, Yves Saint Laurent Radiant Touch, Nars Liquid Eyeliner, Benefit Hoola Bronzer, Bare Minerals Foundation, Clinique Toast of the Town Eyeshadow Palette, Clinique Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette.

For Both looks, I do my simple and basic every-day skin make-up…nothing dramatic, just some eyen coverage and a nice smooth canvas on which to work. I’m a big advocate of the ‘Just play up one key feature’ stance, and for me, it tends to be the eyes, but you can have too much of a good thing…don’t play them up too much all the time!

For the face I start by applying the Radiant Touch to any areas of discolouration (dark circles under eyes really!) as it evens up the skin tone: I have blue undertones and the pink shade really balances my out. Next I apply a thin layer of BB Cream with the brush all over the face, gently padding it over the areas where I have applied the concealer (don’t want to move it around!) and then apply a light layer of the BareMinerals powder foundation over the top, using circular brush movements aroudn the face to really blend it and help it stick. Finally, a gentle sweep of brozer over the cheekbones and then I blend that in a little with the foundation brush, just to give a hint of bone structure without making the make up obvious.


I love brown for the eyes, as it goes well with my skin tone and brings out my eyes (which are brown) but it’s not as harsh as black, which can wash you out. Now, there’s nothing wrong with a starkly contrasting black eye look against milky pale skin, but for a casual daytime look, I prefer the softer, more stubtle tones.

The eyes are really simple. Using the liquid eyeliner, I apply a very fine line of liner along the eyelid and just gently flick it out at the edges. This defines the eye but keeps it simple. Next, I use the palest shade of the palette and apply to the whole eyelid, bringing it right down to the inner corners of the eye to brighten and lift. Taking the second lightest, golden shade and apply to the eyelid from about 3/4 in and blend, sweeping all the way to the outer corner. Repeat with the third, darker shade from half-way in and then finally, a tiny touch to the outer corner with the darkest shade and blend. Simple, easy and gives great definition to the eys, making them lovely and big, but bright as well as subtly-smokey at the same time! Add a lick of mascara to the upper lashes, and just touch to the lower to bring the whole look together and make the eyes pop!


I’ve talked about blue, and I think for a while people have been scared of blue on the eyes, reminiscing about the 90’s blue trends that saw us (if you’re of the 90’s generation like me!) parading around as pre-teens with vivid, horribly applied powder blue eyeshadow in a ghastly way. I’m trying to revivie it and move on from these times! You know what I’m talking about…


This blue look work in the same way the brown does, but has a little more sparkle and drama. I couple of alterations and it would be perfect for a winter-snowflake themed look, with a hint of sparkle and flash of vivid blue.

Apply the liner as before and then follow the same steps with the shadow, starting with the silvery blue, and working your way progressively to the darkest tone at the outer corners. I bring the light shade righ down to the bottom corners of the eyes to really make them pop and stand out, but it’s a subtler look without this and still looks gorgeous. The hint of sparkle in two of the shades on the palette really give the look an edge and you could take it further and more dramatic very simply for a great little evening look!

Eyes blue

I love to colour coordinate…In fact obsessed by it, and I think ti can really help bring a whole look together. I wear the brown look a lot, as I often wear muted and tan tones, but if I’m wearing, say, red, I don’t necessarily want to bring red to the eyes for a day-time look, so I will use the neutral brown look then as well. What’s great about the blue is that it jumps out and you don’t have to do much at all with the rest of your face or hair, and it’s bright and bold enough to hold its own. If I’m wearing a blue dress, or shirt, or accessory or whatever, the blue in the eyes really demonstrates thought behind the outfit and brings everything together, the outfit complementing the eyes and the eyes making the outfit stand out. Or at least…I think so!

Autumn is a time when we can truly reclaim the big, the bold and the eye-catching. Bring on the dark, berry shades, the deep blues and purples and the smokey, dramatic looks on eyes, nails and lips! But as always, try to pick to one area – lips or eyes – and play that up…it takes a brave girl to go for both eyes and lips…and for a party, great, but when we’re just going to the office, is it really necessary? Sometimes less is more, sometimes more is more, it’s about knowing which is which…but there’s no harm in going a little Bolder this season!

Beauty Bite: Everyday Make Up

I have to be up and about really early at the moment, and the last thing I want to do is spend hours doing my make up.

I want a quick, simple and natural look that will go with every outfit and works for the office.

Here’s my look:

Make Up 1It’s natural, simple and takes five minutes to do, but I find it really works for me. I have naturally quite small and ‘sad’ eyes, so I need to make them bigger and brighter, but not look like I have layers and layers of make up on.

I never use foundation, as I have quite a good skin tone and my skin is pretty good too (of course I get spots and blemishes…who doesn’t?) but in reality, I don’t need to use foundation, so why ruin my skin by using it when I don’t need to?touche

What I do use:

If I find myself with bags and dark circles under my eyes, there’s nothing like an old favourite: Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Éclat. A little dab under the eyes, gentle patting and sweeping to blend and then hello bright eyes!bb pencil

Do do the eyes, I line my upper eye-lid with Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Eye Pencil in Caviar.

Now, you can’t get this any more and I’m rapidly approaching the end of my last pencil, so I’m a bit peeved: I’ve been using this pencil for years and the smudger is really handy! I will have to go on a hunt for a new eyeliner at some point…

Anyway, this gives me some definition on my eyes and allows me to turn up the corners with a little ‘flick’.

Next, I bring out my god-send.

Dior’s 5 Couleurs Lift Eyeshadow Palette.

A base-lift to help the shadows stay on the eye and even the lid
2 shades of serum-eyeshadow, one dark brown and one a champagne colourA shimmering highlighter shadow in a pale, neutral tone
An eye and eye-brow pencil to help structure and define.

diorI love this palette and I’m almost out…I might try something new next time, but we’ll see!

I use the eye pencil with a small sponge to run over the pencil on my eyelid already; it adds to the definition and keeps it firm all day.

Then I use a larger pad with the champagne shadow and sweep it from the very inside corner of my eye accross the whole lid. It lifts the whole complexion and brightens the eyes.

Finally, I take another sponge and apply a very small amount of the dark brown shadow to the very outside of my eyelids, sweeping it in about a third of the way over my lid and blending it so it’s barely-there but gives the hint of a smokey look.


Next up: mascara. I have very long and thick eyelashes, so they tend to droop and no amount of curling seems to work on them, but sometimes a good mascara will do the trick.

I’m currently using Benfit’s Bad Girl Lash mascara, and I also use Lancome’s Hypnose regularly. The Benefit I find better for the day, as it isn’t as thick and it has a lighter texter on my eyelashes, keeping them thick and open all day.

A generous lick on the upper eyelashes and then I just touch it to my lower lashes; I don’t want to lengthen them, just define them, so I don’t brush it on, I just gently touch it to the lashes and it adds some definition to my lower eye, but isn’t as heavy as having eyeliner on the under eye as well.

Finally, I sweep on a little of Clinique’s Almost Bronzer, just a soft touch down the cheekbones to give some definition, but without being obvious.

That’s it. All done. Just a simple, neutral look, for every day and it goes with any outfit and hairstyle.

Understated is often best. For a natural everyday look, I find less is more. Using neutral colours and simple techniques you can create an effective and pure look. And when you’re pushed for time in the morning, the simpler the better!