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Sunday Bite: Reading a good book

Sunday is both the end and the beginning of my week.books

It’s the day where I prepare for the coming week: I do food shopping, I do laundry and cleaning and I finish up and bits and pieces of work from the previous week. This is why I see it as my beginning: a fresh start every week!

But I also try to relax. I don’t like to do nothing, so I’m busy all week and always have something to do. I love reading, and I’m always looking for the next good book; I read on the train when I’m commuting, and I read a little before bed, but I never really give myself time to sit down with a cup of tea and really enjoy my book.

So Sunday.

I’ve done my grocery shopping, I’ve done all my laundry and even the ironing! I’ve finished up my French verb revision (another story for another time!). What to do now?

I think everyone should make the time in their life to curl up with some tea and a biscuit and really get stuck into a good book!