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Thursday Bite: Get Ready For The Fall!

Thursday Bite: Get Ready For The Fall!

paper-autumn-coffee-books-notebook-290x290I’ve said it before; as far as I’m concerned, Autumn doesn’t begin until next week, so I’m using this week to prepare for Autumn. In every way!

Uni starts back up next week and my French Language course begins in the next couple of weeks too, so it’s time to get organised and prepared for some work!

It’s been oddly warm here in London all this week, so it definitely doesn’t feel like Autumn, but I’m told (although BBC weather may not be as reliable as it would have us believe…) that next week the mercury will begin to drop again, starting the steady slide into winter and the dreaded negative numbers!

With the dropping temperature of Autumn, obviously there is a need for a new wardrobe. Jumpers, scarves, cardigans, boots…the list goes on and I’m totally un-prepared for Autumn so I need to start stockpiling the woollens!

Furthermore, now that summer is almost behind us (I know…who am I kidding?) I need to over-haul my beauty regimes and make-up bag. I need to say good-bye to the light summer tones and hello to the intensive moisturisers (to soothe the wind-battered skin!) and dramatic Autumnal make-up tones.

So…one hell of a to-do list…But I shall begin as I mean to go on (and I secretly love making lists and plans and over-preparing for anything I can!)


Flatpack bookshelf assembly instructions: 2 People 1 hour. Bookshelf
Last night: 1 girl, 35 minutes. Take that Ikea!

So I put together my new bookshelf last night. It’s a cheap thing from Ikea until I can get hold of a nicer one; I might steal one from my parents’ house…But anyway, for months now I’ve had a growing collection of piles of books, papers, files and folders in various locations around the floor of my room, and it was getting ridiculous.

Anyway, I spent the rest of the evening enjoying a nice fuzzy-feeling of accomplishment…now all I need is some new stationary for the upcoming academics!

Starting out a new academic year (or term or even week…) organised and fully prepared really sets you up to buckle down and get hard at work. Out with the old and in with the new!


I’m not going to deny it, I’ve thrown myself into the acquisition of a new wardrobe with vigour!

I always make use of the Summer sales to grab some bargains on the essentials for Autumn, and I’ve been preparing for this season for a couple of months now!


See my review of Hush’s Autumn/Winter line for all the essentials, and I’ve already put in my first order for the season…currently compiling the second!

Must take a trip to Sloane Square this weekend to pop into Massimo Dutti, Reiss and Anthropologie – who have a great ‘20% off Dresses’ offer on at the moment – as well as all the other favourites to really kick off Autumn in style!

I’ll begin my Autumn Fashion Series next week, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the preparation for it this week! The single best thing about the colder weather (and let’s face it, there aren’t many positives…) is the need for a new wardrobe. And I savour it!

Making use of the summer sales and starting well ahead of the season to get the basics and essentials for the colder weather is a great way to spread the cost and grab some bargains, leaving you the space to splash out on luxury statement pieces when the A/W lines drop!


beauty hall

The most important thing about a beauty regime in the Autumn and Winter months is taking care of your skin. The cold and wind and rain really take their toll and making sure that you have a solid beauty regime is vital to keepyourself looking healthy and take care of your precious skin! After all, skin is for life, not just for Christmas!

I’ve started researching the new products in skin care this season, and I’ve been hunting around for some good deals and trying out all the samples! There’s no point in spending a lot of money on products that aren’t right for my skin and will turn out to be a waste of money…

I’ve started getting quite a few things on ebay at the moment…if you look hard enough, you can find some great make-up deals on completely new and unused products, as long as you know what you want and what you’re looking for!

My biggest MUST for Autumn make up, however, is get in new foundations/powders etc! the sun-kissed glow of summer skin is already beginning to fade an


d so often people (me included sometimes) forget to change their products with the change in skin tone! I’m off to Bare Minerals’ GoBare Tour this weekend to get ‘re-fitted’ for the coming season. I don’t often wear foundations and many skin products in the summer as they’re heavy and I don’t need much, but when Autumn hits, I need to start wearing a little more!

Take advantage of as many samples, testers, trials and free products as you can before you splash out on a new set of Beauty products for Autumn. There’s no point in wasting money on below-par products or treatments that aren’t right for you. Experiment before you buy, but remember, skin-care is an all important MUST for this season!


Sunday Bite: Autumn


So today is officially the first day of Autumn. Something about an equinox or whatever…

For me, however, my seasons change with changes in my life. Autumn starts when my Uni term starts and my routine is given a shake up. It’s like when I was at school, as soon as we went back to school after Summer, I always knew it was the beginning of Autumn…or the end of Summer!

So although ‘officially’ Autumn begins today, this next weeks is a transition period for me. I know, it’s weird. But this week is when I can prepare for Autumn!

I will start getting the Autumn/Winter wardrobe together, giving my beauty regime a shake up (new skin priorities with the weather!) and getting ready for the beginning of Uni, the start of my outside courses and the onset of cooler weather!

For me, Autumn is short anyway; October is Autumn, but as far as I’m concerned, Winter starts as soon as the weather requires gloves…and if the past few years are anything to go by, that’s about mid November!

But October’s not here yet! This week is my transition period…and I want to put off the cold for as long as possible! (even if it is only in my head!)

Autumn is the big season of changes. So it makes sense that it arrives with the changes in life. I’m still is the Summer routine and summer mentality, but in a week everything will change. My obligations, working hours, routines and even diet will all change, and as the leaves begin to change too, Autumn will begin when the real changes begin!



Saturday Bite: The Social Life…

When I’m really busy all week and then have a million and one things to on the weekend, it’s very easy to get stuck in a bubble.

I socialise a lot with peopele from work: It’s a PR company, it’s part of the package! And I see social life 3my flatmates (albeit not much this week…) but sometimes I completely lose track of my social group outside of these two spheres. I’m sure everyone knows how easy it is to get in a bit of a rut. But if I want my life to be anything like Sex and the City (I’m not that sure I do, but the principle stands!) then I need to try a little harder!

All week I’ve been out at the crack of dawn before either or my flatmates have even stirred, and by the time I’ve got back from work, they’re been out already at their respective bar/club jobs. I work days, they work nights…I may as well live alone some times!

So, Alex (my male flatmate) is out working again tonight, but Katherine (my slightly manic, completely loopy but lovely other flatmate) is home, so I thought it would be nice to have one of my best girlfriends Emma over for dinner.

I’m going to cook some dinner (I adore cooking but I never bother when I’m cooking for one), and there will be wine, conversation and pudding…What more could you ask for?!

With the stress of the week, it’s really nice to relax, have a nice meal, a catch up and a bit of a gossip (do I sound old?) and with the cost of ‘going out’ in London as much as it is these days, staying in is by far the cheaper option! That, and with the weather as chilly as it is at the moment


It’s easy to let your social life slide, especially when you’re busy, but making time to catch up with close friends (or even meet new people if you’re daring!) even if its just a quick coffee or a meal together can really make the difference. Everyone’s busy, but that’s no excuse to forget about the important people in your life!

…God…I really DO sound old!