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Beauty Bite: Neal’s Yard Cleanser and Toner Review

Neal’s Yard Remedies Rose Facial Wash Cleanser and Rehydrating Rose Toner…The Review!

    IMG_0128Well, let’s start with the packaging shall we? I’m an aesthetic person and I like things to look nice and pretty, and these do! In lovely glass blue bottles, with simple labelling they look adorable and lmost like bathroom furnishings rather than my beauty products! So there’s a point to NYR…

I’m very much about using products that are kind to the skin and aren’t filled with chemicals, harmful substances and man-made nasties! This is the major reason why I love Neal’s Yard. I have always used their soaps and body lotions, and occasionally sunscreen, but until a couple of weeks ago, I had never tried their beauty products, so I was unsure what to expect. Although their soaps smell great and are very kind to the hands, I didn’t know whether their cleanser and toner would have enough ‘punch’ as it were to ‘get the job done…’ I wondered if it might be just a little too gentle to balance the skin and get rid of all the bad stuff.

IMG_0134I can safely say, I was wrong! These products are great; The cleanser is very effective at removing all the makeup and really getting into the pores and cleaning out the skin – my T-zone is definitely less oily, although that will be a combination of different factors as well, and my skin looks brightened and fresh after a cleanse which is great! Full of natural oils, plant extracts, organic ingredients and the softest acids (we like slightly acidic PH skin!) this product is wonderful, and it smells divine!!
IMG_0138The toner too works wonders…A lot of toners have all number of nasty, and potentially very harmful, chemicals in, supposedly to close up the pores and aid the rebalance of skin’s PH, but I know for a fact that these are unnecessary! The Neal’s Yard Toner is packed with essential oils, aloe vera and is water based, which means no added oil to the skin, and it uses to softest, natural acids to bring the PH down! It has been working wonders for my skin, and doesn’t have that nasty burn that can accompany lots of toners out there!
IMG_0140I often have a problem when I use new beauty products, in that my skin reacts badly and will break out and I will get lots of tiny red spots under the skin, almost like a rash. This has not happened here, in fact my skin has, in the 15 days I have been using the products, cleared up immensely and is much smoother, more refreshed and more even than it has been is some time!

IMG_0141My one gripe here, however, is the use of alcohol in the products. I didn’t check thoroughly before I purchased and I wouldn’t normally buy a product for my face with alcohol in. it’s drying, its damaging and there’s just no need for it! Although it is denatured Alcohol, whihc is supposedly derived organically and is therefore less harmful, I am still very reluctant to put it on my skin. But oh well, if my skin starts to dry out, bye bye Neal’s Yard!

Neal’s Yard create natural, plant based and organically produced products and these are by far the best products to put on the skin. We as humans are organic (mostly!!) and natural, so it makes sense that nature can provide everything our skin and body needs to survive and look good! Putting natural and non-toxic products on your face is the best way to ensure you take the best care of your skin possible, anf these products from neal’s Yard are not only bursting with natural ingredients, and very kind to the skin, but they work wonders and are great for fairly normal to sensitive skin! The one downside? Alcohol.

Score: 7.5/10…dropped a point for the nasty alcohol there!!


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  1. I’m currently trying the Neals Yard Rose Daily Moisture and loving it 🙂

    • All the Neal’s Yard products smell great!
      I’m using Ren’s Frankinsense Night Cream and T-Zone control day moisturiser at the moment alongside these product…reviews will be up in due course, but they seem to be working together very well!

  2. Must Have Boxes

    I totally want to try this products!

    – KW


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